Monday, February 02, 2009

A busy week come again~*

Monday : Submit Comsys take home quiz & PCI Asignment
Tuesday: DSP Quiz & Swimming
Thursday: DSP Quiz again!, Submit Lab report, COMSYS MIDTERM TEST! & Meeting PPI
Friday : Lagi-lagi Meeting PPI, Talk Power Syst
Saturday : CIDB Talk & Community Service (How can I be at 2 place on the same time?)
Sunday : J-Card Day - Yes!

but then i still have time for this

6 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

- Gie - 2/2/09 7:17 PM  

mmg bz gler.. T.T
sib baik ade 1 je test..
tp ade kuiz T.T

btw..kuiz 2 dsp lusa ke kamis?

Chokichoki 2/2/09 8:03 PM  

to Gie- ntala xsure plak tp miss slalu wat tym tutor kan..xtau2 hoho pntnye~ pnt tdo :p

to Chocollate - jom2 shopping!! hihi

- Gie - 3/2/09 4:26 PM  


jd ke shoppong?

Chokichoki 3/2/09 7:27 PM  

jdik2..xd duet pn jdk gk haha

Rizdiahk Nahraf 8/2/09 7:13 AM  

Teramat sibuk
Maka terpaksa menyibuk sekali
Oh Sibuknya aku(sambil memegang cebok)*tiba2

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