Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tagged by my besh blogger friend, Ily~*

1. Where are you?

= at UNITEN, Bangi

2. What do you do?

= Undergraduate in Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering . nak abes dah =D

3. What is your blog name? Why the name?

= rinastories..because it is rina's stories hehe

4. When did you start blogging? And what got you started?

= 1st start was about 5 years ago. masa tu, friendster ade blog..tulis kat blog tu dulu..then, buat blog kat blogspot, banyak kali la dah lupa berapa kali, serious mase tahun lepas, buat http://chokichokiyangsedap.blogspot.com. bajet xnak orang tahu tu rina..tapi macam orang tahu jugak je..dah sume member panggil rina cis. then tukar url, blog is still the same..the new url is http://rinastories.blogspot.com

5. What do you mostly write about?

= my life,experiences, knowledge i wanna share..almost everything

6. Give the link of a post which you wrote when you were the happiest:

= one of them is when my nieces gave me a present :)

7. Give the link of a post which you wrote when you were the saddest:

= act, there r plenty of them haha..sebab I start tulis blog pun sebab rasa sedih sebenarnye..tapi rina banyak delete lepas tulis..one of them when it happen...see, i deleted it :P

8. Give the link of a post which you wrote when you were the angriest:

= none kot..i dont like to talk bad thing about people especially here..if im angry i just say so to that person. but now i think, i just keep it to myself, n slowly forget about it.. =)

9. Give the link of a post which you wrote when you were madly in love:

= when i wrote the saddest posts, it was actually when i were madly in love....

10. Give the link of a post which you wrote when you were totally bored:

= kebosanan.

11. Give the link of a post that turns out to be very meaningful to you:

=hmmm...i cant think one..

12. And tag some friends to know their answer:

= since this tag was made for knowing a blogger friend, then i tag all of my blogger friends! expecially :

2. Enjelina jolipit
3. wanie
4. edda
5. wunny

semua lahh..hahaha.pemalas btul rina ni :P

5 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

edda(",) 30/3/10 12:59 PM  

okeh... menyusul kemudian

Nazatul shima 30/3/10 5:33 PM  

tq rina..hehee..bnyk tol soklan tag ni..hehe..:D

ElyaElmo 30/3/10 5:45 PM  

eh uniten bangi ka?adikku pun disana..he3

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 31/3/10 11:43 AM  

hihi xnak buat pun xpe :)

elmo : yeke, sape2?

ilyani 2/4/10 12:56 AM  

hehe.. tq for answering this :))

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