Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bila takde idea, macam biasa...

kita buat tag!

thanks ema comel kerana tag rina!

jom tengok soalan apa yang ada~

(1) who sleeps in bed next to you?
Teddy bearsss

(2) have you ever lied to your boyfriend to get out of something?
previously? no. currently? no bf to lie anymore hehe

(3) what kind of kuih raye did you make?
kuih tunjuk ^o^

(4) best day of the week?

(5) what really creepy?
Ju-On hehe

(6) what's your current obsession/addiction?
cinta hati saya

(7) what are the colour of your baju hari raya?
pink and colourful

(8) what did you eat for breakfast today?
karipap. eh pose :p

(9) what is your aim for this raya?
makan sampai pecah perut

(10) what was the last thing you bought?
baju kerja *semangat*

(11) what was the cutest thing you have seen recently?
myself *LEMPANG*

(12) does the cute thing above affect your mood?
yes. why she is sooo cuteee *TENDANG*

(13) what is your zodiac sign?
Leo meowmeow

(14) do you want to learn other skills?

(15) 5 things you can't live without?
Oxygen hehehehehehehe ape tah, Internet, baju haha, contact lense, Hp, Laptop

(16) if you could meet anyone now, who would you want to meet?
Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. seriously

(17) what's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
tak paham soalan

(18) what are you looking forward to?
marrying someone haha. dah 23 ok

(19) say something to person who tagged you?
ermaaaa, time kacih sebab ingat rina =')

(20) Tag 1 people (dia nak 8, rina tukar 1 hahah)

buat lah time takde idea update ye

6 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

kata kila 8/9/10 3:01 PM  

bahhahahaha.hamzah kene tag.bahahah

hamzah ian 8/9/10 3:56 PM  

argh!!! gua kena tag!!! grr..
kawin 23 tahun?? wa~~

Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿ 8/9/10 3:58 PM  

looking forward wehh..bukan skarg nak kawen adoyai =_="

fara 8/9/10 5:15 PM  

mesti penoh katil ngan tedi bear je ni kan...
huhu :)

Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿ 8/9/10 5:19 PM  

hihi..xdela. 2 je..:) dlu kecit2 mmg penuh katil hehe

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