Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cara tukar email login Blogger


Antara sebab rina jarangg sangat berblogging adalah email login rina sebelum ni tak boleh nak login menggunakan apps Blogger.

At last malam ni rina dah jumpa solution..tukar email login yahoo kepada gmail! So boleh dah guna apps Blogger!

Hopefully lepas ni bolehlah update hari hari!!

Meh rina share camne nak tukar :

Here are the ways:

1) Login to your Bloggeraccount for which you want to change your login email id.I assume you already have created another email address which you want to switch to. If not, go and create one first.

2) Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basics. InPermissions section, you will find the blog authors.

3) Click on Add Authorsbutton and send an author invite to the new email address which you want to switch to.You would have received an author invitation in your second email address.

4) Now, go there and accept itWhen the invitation is accepted, you will see the other email address as a new author. Change the role of new email address from Author to Admin

5) The last step. Login to blogger account from your new created email address. You will see the blog in your dashboard with Admin power.

6) Go to Settings > Basic and remove your old email address from the Blog Authors from Permission.Done!!

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