Monday, April 19, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips!

My next RM20 opss hehe..
today, i wanna share with u guys some grooming tips!
hahah how can sorang budak comot share her grooming tips??
will anybody follow her? =P

Yerppp I know I'm kinda of comot or maybe not too fashion freak
but I also have some opinions about how to look beautiful based on my experience and observation especially ;p

neat and tidy!
main thing that everyone must take into consideration.
 whether you have very elegant and expensive dress to wear, but if it smelly or not iron properly, dont you think, it will become the hideous dress ever you have?

simple yet outstanding!
for me, a girl wear a shirt and jeans is just so-so but if the girl wear a shirt and jeans with a pair of pink and huge round earrings will look cuter
or other example, a girl wear tudung hitam tiga segi with rama-rama style (girls who wear tudung will understand hehe) compared to a girl wear a black shawl with a nice shining pin will look prettier

natural beauty are the best!
again, for me..i want to bold it, for me, heheh :p
make up is unnecessary.unless u have a dinner to attend or any formal or glamorous event to attend, it can be an exception
but on other occasional days, just be who you are
put some compact powder to prevent your face look oily and lip balm to protect your lips are more than enough. ohhh plus spray some adidas action3 hehe =P

cause i think, we are already beautiful. the make up is a mess! hehe
bukan perasan ok. all of us. not just me =p

but it depends on individual interest.
all the tips were just my opinions
there were my version of grooming tips!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

3 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Nazatul shima 19/4/10 10:38 PM  

gud luck rina..nnti share 10 hengget ngn shima..:)

Anonymous,  19/4/10 10:42 PM  

100% agree wif dat natural beauty thing...bcoz u got it urself :p

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 20/4/10 12:05 PM  

cma : hehe bleh2 bleh blah opss :P main2 je hihi

anonymous..thanks :)

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