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Salam all!~
My name is Rina
29 years old. Married with 2 adorable daughters.

Mr Zauj's name is Zulhilmi  & My 2 little cutie pie names are Zuha Dareesa (3yo) & Zuha Deenina (1yo)

I am an engineer & also a businesswoman.
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More about me? - ask me yourself :)

I love to share my thoughts, stories even knowledge with people - the reasons why this blog is here

If any hurt feeling transpire coz of my words, I do am sorry. 

Life is a journey with only 2 paths. 
Either Good or Bad. It is in our hand to choose. 
This blog represent the journey of my life. 
Is it more to the Good or Bad direction? 
You are free to judge.


 Finding her long lost friends

Tadika Anisa (1993)
Methodist Girl School, Brickfields (1994 -1999)
SKA Sri Pantai (1998-1999)
MRSM Kuala Klawang (2000-2002)
MRSM Jasin (2003-2004)
UNITEN (2006-2010)


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My Wishlists

Travel around the world
Become a successful business woman!


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