Friday, January 02, 2009

Shopping Kasut + Selipar~*

Below are my new shoe and slipper for this semester~

First :

Bought at Vincci-Alamanda for just RM15++ after 20% Discount!
The price is the main reason I bought it beside its unique and simple design.

Second :

Bought at WalkIn -Sunway Piramid for RM37++ after 20% discount.
I fall in love with the design since I went shopping at Mines but at that tym the size that suits me was out of stock. Don't u think it looks veryy sweett?!!

4 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

chokichoki 3/1/09 8:14 AM  

testing comment diri sendiri lol

red_rouge,  6/1/09 1:23 PM  

aku pon ade slipar putih 2,,hoho

Saye coklat.. 8/1/09 4:21 PM  

taste kte mmg serupa~ haha

azomic 28/1/09 11:52 PM  

huh?saye pon pakai gak selipar tu!

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