Sunday, April 26, 2009

26 April..

Hari ni 26 april..means da 3 years already..sepatutnye..
Ingat xnak rase sedih n face it macam biase je..
but its really hard to pretend nothing happen when it is hurting every bits of ur heart..

xpe hari ni je..sekejap je..
lepas ni ok balikla..
I'll not wasting my wonderful life because of such thing..
There's a long journey to go~
I'll be happy then..

Thank you Allah for always with me..
Also my lovely friends ^_^

Chaiyo Rina!!~

3 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

- Gie - 26/4/09 5:08 PM  

sorry to hear dat..
xtau arini ari tu..hukhuk..

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