Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's your perfect job?

Tadi jawab quiz facebook yg mengarut2 nih..biasala kan. kalo dekat2 nak exam, time tu laa paling besh nak maen kuiz facebook, time tu jugakk nak addicted ngan game, pastu time tu plak laa yg rasa nak post entry. CC pon xpaham kenape :P

So result untuk quiz "What's your perfect job?" is

Stay at home parent

Your children would be all that matters to you. You don't care about missing out on pubs, clubs and partying...as long as your children are happy. You are a soft and gentle person, but are able to stay strict and to the point when certain situations arise.

ok. esok benti skolah.

4 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Rizdiahk Nahraf 18/8/09 8:38 AM  

hahahhahaa...berhenti di final year.cool oo..

wunny 18/8/09 11:01 AM  

heee. ad plak nk berenti skolah :p
eyh, ni blog bru sy tau..yg lame tu da x gune da..heee.

Chokichoki 18/8/09 11:02 AM  

kan? igt nk berenti time final sem. lg cool

Chokichoki 18/8/09 11:02 AM  

to wunny : oo okok :)

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