Friday, February 05, 2010

At last~*

Berakhir sudah minggu yang memenatkan~*

nak cite pasal schlumberger interview semalam~
malam tu bila da tahu yang 1st stage, they will give us a topic then we must discuss it within 1 minute, rina da mula cuak2 da. cuakkk sgt ok

rasa xnak pegi je pagi tu. plus gie pun xnak g..
tapi dengan semngat mahu mencuba yang tinggi + nasihat dr kawan2 (thanks!) rina pegi gak even sorang2.
guess what?

but i never regret... it was a good experience! korang! if dapat interview, pegi jeee. nak xnak, dapat x dapat lain cerita.
but the feel, the spirit, the nervousness, only u can feel it. it is good for urself, seriously.

akhirnye, rina x dapat la pon g stage 2 sobsob. kalo dapat bleh mati skit jtung la
english tunggang langgang dptkan. kelaka disitu

so sekarang ni, rina ingat nak g english communication class la..i need it!
da tgok movie english juta2 kot but i still cant speak english very i really need help!
macam mane mahu jadi lecturer, nak becakap pon xleh? right?

now im still searching for the right tuition center..
that attracted me the most are : British Council and The Living Classroom(TLC)

ok nak cerita sikit, then please friends, help me to decide which one is better :)

British Council :
 This course is designed for working adults (aged 18 and over) who want to be able to communicate better in English in a business environment.

During the Business English Intermediate course you will become more fluent and be able to use English grammar more effectively. Your range of business vocabulary will grow and you will develop the language skills needed for success in the fast moving global economy.

We believe in the value of continuous assessment. Every class your teacher will observe you and give you feedback on your progress. Your teacher will also ask to complete written work for which you will receive a grade and comments on how to improve. You will also be graded on your speaking.

Half way through the course you will have a counselling session, in which you will discuss your progress in English and how to focus on areas of weakness or interest.
During the course you will develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Interesting and relevant texts from real business sources will help you to develop your reading skills and acquire essential business vocabulary.

Authentic listening texts based on interviews with business people and experts in their field will develop your listening skills.

Each Skills section helps to improve your communication in key business areas like presentation techniques, taking part in and managing meetings, negotiating, telephoning and social English.

Realistic writing tasks such as e-mails, letters and reports reflect the real world of business correspondence.

A final element integrated throughout the course is pronunciation as is the development of learning skills.
Fees : RM750
Duration : 10 weeks
Duration of each section : 3 hours

The Living Classroom(TLC):
Short course :English at work

These short courses are 5-level courses aimed at school leavers, university students, foreign students and working adults. It starts from Basic and ends at the Advanced level. It introduces students to the technicalities of the language, and reinforcement is in the form of communicative activities, role playing and writing. The reason for this is to enable students to experience the language in action so that they will be able to understand it better. Apart from grammar, everyday communication is also dealt with to prepare students for everyday situations the may encounter.

Students have the option to sit for the internationally recognized examination offered by City & Guilds, London.

Key Result Areas:
• Understanding the grammar rules
• Increase confidence
• Improved fluency and accuracy when speaking in English
• Production of more accurate written texts
• Comprehension of more English words, verb phrases and idioms

Duration per level:
• 10 weeks
Frequency of classes:
• Twice a week
Duration of each session:
• 2 hours
• RM650 per level

soooo mne ok ek? ok dua2 mahal..rina tau huhu..tapi macam pelaburan la..kene byr mahal utk hasil yg besh hehehe

plsss..just leave ur opinion..

thanks friends ^_^

8 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Anonymous,  6/2/10 10:52 AM  

both pun azrie xtahu apa kelebihan kene pergi n trylakan?cuma costly..

cadangan azrie,try cari kawan yg english die ok.minta die spend 1 hour utk u blaja grammer dgn die skt2.then cuba rina cari kawan yg rina selesa nak ckp dgn dlm bahasa inggeris.communication.minta die berborak dlm bahasa inggeirs dgn rina.azrie dah fkr nak help u dgn meeting gradnite dlm bahasa inggeris tp nanti lbt plk hbs,if u need a fren to borak2 in english,u can just ask me,ok?kalau segan,call.dpt 15 minit sehari pun ok..ok rina?all da best!:)

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 6/2/10 11:31 AM  

a ah kalau boleh nak g yg effective la..

hehe..grammar ok je kot sbenarnye..
just revise balikla nanti..
macam xnak susah kan kawan sgt..

2la..rina pon da cakap english ngan certain2 kwn..kwn yg rapat2 ni susa la nak speaking ngan dorg, asik ktawe je hehe..

anyway thanks azrie!! xpayala wat meeting dlm english hehe pun segan jugak la..
tetibe xpsl2 je "hello azrie, lets borak2 in english" hihi

xpe..klo jumpe, talk in english with me k hihi.thanks ;)

Anonymous,  6/2/10 12:37 PM  

dont be seganla if want to improve rina.hee.i pun need a partner to borak2 in english.hee.

but yes,of course,it will be a great pleasure for me,rina!:)

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 7/2/10 12:56 PM  

haha. okok. jangan tekejut kalau ade omputih call hehhehehe

artszfar 8/2/10 6:53 PM  

Nak improve conversation kena biasa borak2 dalam English. Cara2 lain adalah seperti berikut.

Beli The Star. Baca muka depan sampai belakang dengan nada dan intonasi betul.

Ini untuk membiasakan dan melembutkan lidah2 yang keras, menambah vocabulary dan menghebatkan English tanpa disedari. Takde masa? Baca dalam jamban pun buleh.

Ada lagi satu cara, saya guna ini.

p/s: My blog tutup sampai tak tau bile atas sbb tertentu. Nanti kalau reopen/bukak baru bleh link balik XD

Ir. Dr. Shafa 17/2/10 2:35 PM  

ney k.shafa ney...

akk pnah g BC. erm. for the beginner, to gain confidence is better la. sbb during those classes dier xkisah kte xpandai ckp or whatsoever. dier ttp akn encourage awk to speak in english.

then, later, after u've gained confidence you can start speaking in english, not only with your peeps, also with others.

truthfully, previously i'm not that comfortable talking in english, not to mention; writing.

but, after a few classes at BC, my confident level getting higher and now, i can speak and write freely in english.

to add even more, loves reading english books. i,personally, recommend harry potter's saga since the english is quite good and u can gain a lot of new english vocabularies. if u think that HP is quite difficult, try read archie's (comic). it's ok and fully recommended by my english teacher back in my school days.

erm... i think i've been commenting so MUCH. anyhow, for me, u better gain ur confidence first because it's the beginning of everything.

heheh.... all the best! and love english as much as u love urself n MALAY language... :)

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 17/2/10 4:00 PM  

artszfar : oo. da try gak cmtu tp rasenye kene blaja balik kot
anyway thanksss

kak shafa : yeke? camtu ingat nak tryla BC. thanks k.shafa for the comment!

Ir. Dr. Shafa 17/2/10 9:28 PM  

heheeh... don't mention it! it's an honour...:)

one thing for sure... nvr give up!!! :)

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