Wednesday, February 03, 2010

how to improve my english??

ni sume sebab g career fair tadi
tetiba je rina rasa rina speaking hancurr.

so nak stat speaking2 la mulai sekarang
jangan gelak ok everybody :p

from now on, i must improve myself and make sure that i can stand among the best.
absolutely, cgpa can't promise u the success in ur career.
once my uncle had told me, "ur result either during pmr,spm or at university don't make u a success person. u are only become one when u get a good position in ur career"

i'd think deeply during my nap this evening (sebab tu x pegi kelas, bukan saje2 tau whahaha),
i want to improve myself
i want to improve my english especially..
how can i becoming a lecturer if my english tunggang tebalik.
adoi. malu jek
whatever it is, i can't wait to finish my study at uniten
less than 2 months, insyaAllah..


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