Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot!~*

As a successful, intelligent, smart, diligent or in short a well rounded student of University Tenaga Nasional
( hahaha, joking only :p)

As a university student, internet is one of the requirements for me in helping my study.
Research for assignments; download learning material, contact with lecturer all become easier if you have your own internet! 

Not to mention facebooking, chatting, blogging, I bet all of you are more expert than me hahah
With your own broadband, you can easily connected anytime and anywhere you want it to be.

I’m one of the internet addict and i think im going to be crazy if i have no internet connection more than 1 month :p

Here I want to show you the place that i spend most of my time to surf internet

Ta daaa

My room sweet room!

Comfy, peacefully and pinky are definitely my choice in relaxing my mind.

For your information, currently, i live at Ilmu Apartment in UNITEN and UNITEN has provide us the internet connection.
However, the internet is awfully slow. It takes minutes to open google!
I think maybe we share the same telephone line and that’s why the connection is very slow. I don’t know. I don’t expert though. =P

That’s why i think i must have my own internet! A broadband!
I have one in mind and i want to share with u guys

P1 Max WIGGY usb!

WIGGY is the next revolution in mobile broadband. Surf at true broadband speeds with up to 10 Mbps while you’re out and about in P1 W1MAX covered areas.

Just insert WIGGY into your notebook and you’re good to go!

Walk-in registration at P1 Authorised Resellers..

Stay tuned for our upcoming events and roadshows.

Register your interest in P1 W1MAX on the online form.

More Information?
click Here

It looks interesting right??
Lets go together to get it and be the earliest one to surf at true broadband speeds!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

1 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Quzer^27 15/3/10 7:11 PM  

uniten nye line internet keluar x byk...kena share among students & lecturer...sbb 2 slo...& die de byk restriction (cam block website sume), yg makin buat connection slo...

p1 servis x berkesempatan nk try...tgk la cmne nti...

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