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Jenis jenis Hand bouquet untuk pengantin

Assalammualaikum :)

Hari ni, rina nak share tentang Hand Bouquet pulak.
HB ni benda wajib kan untuk kahwin
Tapi boleh je kalau taknak hehe

bagus tau HB ni sebabnya boleh tutup perut :p
juga boleh hilangkan sikit nervous 
dan paling penting bagi gambar cantikkk

ok jom tengok jenis jenis

Round Type


A nosegay bouquet has less flowers and more greenery. The flowers used for this type of bouquet is usually round in shape and equal in size.


A posy bouquet has flowers which the stems may be removed and wired or left as it is. If you want the stems, then it’s called the ‘natural stem posy bouquet’. 


The beidermerier is quite unique as the flowers of the same type are arranged in a circular pattern. Every ring will have different type of flower.


A crescent bouquet can be symmetrical or assymmetrical. As the name suggests, both left and right side of the bouquet is seen to be flowing down. A symmetrical crescent bouquet has flowers and greenery arched at same lengths on both sides. Whereas the assymmetrical, has one side longer.
If you are wearing big and wide skirt wedding gown, this type of bouquet is suitable for you. Be sure to carry it just below the waist, the beauty of the bouquet will stand out.


The arm bouquet is also known as presentation bouquet or pageant bouquet. Previously it was known as the ‘Bernhardt’ bouquet, named after the actress Sarah Bernhardt. Usually calla lilies, orchids and also long-stemmed roses is used for this type of bouquet. They are left at its natural state with a big ribbon tied to bundle them together.
You have to cradle it on your arm, at the inner of your elbow. This type of bouquet is suitable for you if you are wearing a slim and slender wedding gown.

This type of bouquet does not have a specific or defined shape. Most freeform bouquet has foliage coming out of the bouquet. Tropical flowers are usually used.

Single Stem

If you are a minimalist, this is something you should go for. This bridal bouquet type usually has its flower stem wrapped or a big ribbon tied to it to add more attention.


We seldom see this type of bouquet nowadays, It’s very simple. It is made of petals wired or glued together to form a single large bloom with a ribbon tied to it.

It’s basically a wrist corsage, a small flower bouquet worn on the wrist. If you don’t like to hold something and all the fuss, then this is something for you.

A pomander is a ball of flowers carried by a ribbon attach to it. I don’t think we’ve seen this in Malaysia. It’s pretty unique.


The teardrop bouquet shaped like a teardrop. It is the sister of the cascade bouquet. The cascade bouquet has a natural flow but the teardrop bouquet is more stiff. This bouquet is roundish at the top and pointy at the bottom.

Another unique bouquet. The flowers are attached to a plastic fan.

Less flowers are used for a cone bridal bouquet. It is in the shape of a cone. The cone can be made of flowers or other materials. This is another unique type and you don’t see in Malaysia wedding.

 Rina suka yang round :)

ni rina punya HB idaman ~ jangan tiru k! haha koya

cantik gilerrr rasa nak ni! nak ni!
Please pleasee

Credit to : Cherish My Wedding

6 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

delarocha 20/11/11 10:21 PM  

saya selalu ke sini untuk melihat persiapan perkahwinan rina.... apa yg perlu ada dalam majlis perkahwinan. mana la tau bila sampai turn saya nnt, dah tau sedikit sebanyak perihal persiapan yang perlu. hehehe tq ya :-)

Epa Zarifa 20/11/11 10:43 PM  

menarik!!! tetibe teringin nak tukar HB biase ke pomander ball..sgt cun!!

NURUL IZAYANI 20/11/11 11:17 PM  

thnx 4 sharing..iza pilih contemperary dgn arm =)

Shayra 21/11/11 2:27 AM  

ahaha. nak curik jugak HB idaman rina.. sbb mmg gorjes kan! hehe. ok2 tak curi.. gurau je :)

~ NANA ~ 21/11/11 10:33 AM  

semua lawa2! tp HB ni org ckp kna padan dgn ketinggian & bentuk badan kita jugak...hehe

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