Saturday, October 24, 2009


LOL = Laugh Out Loud

WTH = What the hell

BTW = By the way

WTF = What the fun / What the f*ck ??? CC xpasti

LMAO = Laugh my a** off

OMG = Oh My God

but... OMFG? what it means? huhu

we must alert what the shortcut stands for...

because sometimes we didnt realize we used really bad words during out daily conversation.


3 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Chokichoki 25/10/09 9:51 PM  

eh our...silp hiks

ARC 26/10/09 11:25 PM  

LOL- Laughing Out Loud la CC =)
WTF=WtF*ck tapi nak bg sopan jadi WTFun =)

OMFG, sila gantikan F dgn sama seperti WTF. Biarlah mereka ckp..tuhan mereka yg F =P

Tambahan: ROTFL=Rollong On the Floor Laughing

AFK-away from keyboard

BRB- be right back

Chokichoki 27/10/09 1:19 PM  

hehe.thanks btulkan n tmbh kn...

saje je...ade kwn ckp omfg..rse cam melampau ckit kan2 :)

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