Tuesday, May 25, 2010

selesai sudah interview. Nak share dengan korang.

rina ada cerita kan, rina dapat call interview from CNN Industrial Sdn. Bhd. as a Sales & Application Engineer.
Today at 9 a.m.
click HERE to view the offer

so, semalam, rina ajak abah tunjuk jalan.
It is located quite far from my home kat Bandar Puchong Utama.
macam distance between UNITEN and my home (Pantai Dalam)
around 20~30 minutes drive.

maybe lagi dekat kalau traffic light dikurangkan.
traffic jem langsung takde.
just too many vehicles la..
quite a bz road. 
Mak tak kasi pergi sebab the office location and condition is not convincing.
tapi rina degil.
nak pegi jugak try

and then I went this morning
with butterfly in my stomach
tarik napas dalam-dalam, hembussss
butterfly melayang-layang keluar
hehehe lawak tak jadi ;p

8.10 a.m I'd arrived lol.
too early. I waited in the car until at 8.45 a.m.

masuk-masuk, ramai la melayu.
perempuan. kakak2
but i knew that the bos is chinese.

dia suruh masuk bilik untuk isi borang.
then the boss came in and asked me whether that I'm ready or not.
and I said "Yes, I'm ready"
at that time, I was feeling really confident haha

tiba-tiba je rasa confident.
maybe tengok company tu ramai malay ;pp

interview pun berlangsung. (abaikan grammar dan ejaan salah haha)

Boss : Hye, I'm Nelson. Have we met before?
Rina : Hye, I'm Rina. hehe, I dont think so.
Boss : Really? I think I have met you somewhere hehe. where do you from? I mean where were you born.
Rina : Hehe..I'm originally KL citizen hehe
Boss : Oh..hehe. ok..hmm..are u working at the moment?
Rina : Yes. I'm working but only until at the end of this month.
Boss : Were you mean that you still finishing your study?
Rina : No. I'm really doing a job as a research assistant.
Boss : Oh. and why do you want to leave your job?
Rina : Because I finished my project. Actually, my job is to assist my boss which is a project leader.
Boss : your boss is a student isnt it?
Rina : No. She is a lecturer.
Boss: So, she is pursuing PHD right?
Rina : No. actually, she did her project for a competition called ITEX ( Lupe plak nama penuh ITEX lol)
Boss : ITEC?
Rina : not ITEX. stand for international something. im sorry i forgot the full name (@##!#$%)
Boss : It's ok. I want to know a little about what you have studied. Did you learn Microelectronics before?
Rina : Yes. and I also learned Process Control Instrument which I believe that it is related to your business hehe (ye. bila saye nervous, i keep laughing hahaha ;pp)
Boss : Oh. it is good. so, tell me about it briefly
Rina : (smile..pikir pikir lupa whaha )  Hmmm... hm.. ehhehe.. something about led, transistor, relay..(tesengih cam kerang busuk)
Boss : hehe..it's ok.do you know transistor and give me the 3 components of a transistor
Rina : yes. i learned before. em..Is it catod and anod. (LOL. tu diode) I'm sorry. I'm majoring in power and i must do some revision first.
Boss : It's ok. I understand. It starts with E,C and B. do u remember? (bos ini sangat baik!)
Rina : haaa, im remember already! Emitter, collector and Base isnt it? hahaha (over excited ok)
Boss : hahahah. I like your personality hehe..you really a pleasant person. do u love to travel?
Rina : yes.
Boss : Is it ok for you to travel at least once a month?
Rina : Em.. may i ask? Is it all by myself? Can u give me an example of the location? (selamba je tanye hihi)
Boss : yes. most of the time by yourself. for example..go to Johor. but we will prepare a hotel for you. and you dont have to worry because the safety is guaranteed.
Rina : em..actually I had experience it before. I traveled all by myself to Mersing during my internship. and I think it's ok for me.
Boss : wow really? for what? and how long?
Rina : I went to see solar power stations. they were located at rural area. however, there were my team waited for me there. and it was about 3 days
Boss : oh.. but now you have to stay they about a week all by yourself. but its ok. we can wait until u r ready.
Rina : hehe. ok. I will try. (takut sebenarnye. seminggu by myself?) is it for meeting up with customer?
Boss : yes. I will teach you later. it is not like pasar malam selling item. You understand isnt it?
Rina : yes hehe (kalau custmer pembunuh upahan macam mane? oh cuak2)
Boss : Em..(belek2 resume). can u tell me about your family? 
Rina : I'm the only child. actually i have step sisters and brothers (takut dikate manje ;pp but its true) My father already retired. now he is selling newspaper at his shop. and my mother is a housewife.
Boss : your father has his own shop? where?
Rina : just near to my home.
Boss: oh..who pay your fees at the university? (soalan kantoi)
Rina : I got a scholarship. YTN scholarship.
Boss : do you bounded to any company?
Rina : hehe..yes..to TNB. but i doubt that TNB will call me within a year as they face some financial problem currently (hahaha..jawapan yang di prepare khas untuk soalan ini)
Boss : sigh. you know what..we had face it before..this situation. one of our engineer left because he was bounded to a company..hmm. you such a pleasant person. I just want to take you to work with us..but you understand right. we need to train our engineer in order to become familiar with our prduct. you not just have to learn about it but must now how to apply it.. u know..it takes almost 6 months before you can start to work for real...I just dont want after i trained you and you go to other company..U understand right?
Rina : yes. its ok. i understand it. I know the risk already. I'm just trying because I dont know whether TNB will call me or not..but maybe i can learn faster than u think. maybe it doesnt take 6 months for me (hehehe degil. its me ;p)
Boss : No actually..you will go for training in a team..all trainee will follow me at first in order to learn. and i really think TNB will call you.. with this result..u r so good.. and your attitude, the way you present yourself. i bet it is not a problem for you.
Rina : (oh. bisnesman tetap bisnesman. taktik mnolak secara lembut lol) so..it means i will not get this job right? hehehe
Boss : haha. yes i think hehe..but i will give you my card, just sms me directly if TNB give you the letter. you know the letter that make you free from them hehe..or you can ask them for it hehe..
Rina : haha..actually, i must wait for a year to ask for the letter. anyway thank you for your card. i really appreciate that.
Boss : Nice to meet you. and I wish you gud luck.
Rina. Nice to meet you too. bye.

ok sekian saje. kesimpulannya. TAK DAPAT. zzz.

ada lagi sebenarnya conversation yang rina tinggal. penat type lol.
hope dapat membantu korangla..

overall rina rasa, rina dah improve diri rina sedikit sebanyak.. you know what? just go for all the interviews that you get..it really help us in improving ourselves. ^_^

adoi. kene cari keje lain la nampaknye..haih~~

9 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Anonymous,  25/5/10 1:01 PM  

rin!!..da abs eyh interview..br nk wish pagi ni..tp lmbt bgn..biase la kn..hehehe..neway congrats for the interview..cm smart je rin jwb..terinspired skit..heheh.bangge x?..gewd luck on searching for next job:P

-farah rai-

HanaCraxie 25/5/10 1:03 PM  

bleh la jadikan panduan nie..hehe..sbb skg pon ngah cari keje..dulu pon sy practical kt TNBES..

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 25/5/10 1:11 PM  

far : hehe. thanks. haha. main jwb je. buat2 confident ;pp

hanacraxie : eh yeke hehe. besh kan tnbes hehe..gud luck k :D

HanaCraxie 25/5/10 2:30 PM  

huhu..best2.. leh outstation..haha..okay.. gudluck too.. =)

Aidi-Safuan 25/5/10 5:05 PM  

hahahahahaa.... gler kacak luper kaki transistor! caya lah rina! :P

p/s: aku rasa dier pernah blogwalking kat blog ko la. tuh yang dier pernah nampak ko tuh. :P

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 25/5/10 6:08 PM  

hana : thanks :D

aidi : hahaha. mne nak igt. ak da la short term memory ;p pastu x wat revision lak tu. haha ye kot lol

Cik AdiLa 25/5/10 9:15 PM  

waaaa...kalu sye duk kat tempat rina..mesti dh mengeletar..hehhehehe...interview pon bru sekali dua jek..bos die 2 cm nest jek..peramah lak 2..hehhehe...

aimi 25/5/10 11:02 PM  

wahh.. akak dapt hafal conversation ni dari sampai A sampai Z tu.. em xpe2. rezeki ade d mane2. ^-^

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 25/5/10 11:04 PM  

bolela ingat sikit2. balik2 terus tulis blog :)

btul2 :D

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