Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Word Allah~*

Sambung dari entry yang lepas, kawan rina Rasyida Zanial ada comment sedikit tentang ape yang berlaku ni.. ni komen beliau :

First and foremost,the word 'Allah' is not of Malay language. It's an Arabic word, referring to the one and only God that deserves to be worshiped by all creations. The same god worshiped by Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, Peace be upon all.

The Arabic word 'illa' is the best word which refers to the English word 'god'. And the plural for this word 'illa' is the Arabic word 'auliha' which means 'gods' in English.

The Arabic word 'Allah' is unique because it cannot be made plural, it is one, and DOES NOT have an English translation. We use the word 'God' so that others non-Muslim can understand, BUT NEVER the word 'God' equal or is synonym to the word 'Allah'.

We as Muslims regard highly of Jesus (peace be upon him) because he is our prophet. Not God or Son of God. Muslims would never insult Jesus (pbuh) because one of our pillars of belief is to believe in all the prophets of Allah. We also believe that Jesus will one day return and lead all the believers to victory and there will be peace once more in this world. I'm trying to demonstrate that Muslims believe more in Jesus than some Christians for that matter.

So why would anyone insult our beloved Prophet Muhammad when Muslims have never done anything of that sort to the Christians.

The Quran says that the closest to us Muslims are the Christians. If anything that can verify the TRUE teaching of Christianity, it would be in the Quran. Look for yourselves.

So I suggest we should all try to not get in each other’s face for issues like this.

And for my brothers and sisters in Islam; true, Islam is the best. True, Quran and Sunnah are the best. But Prophet Muhammad spreaded Islam by examples of characters. We should be able to say,"If you want to know what Islam is, look at the Muslims" rather than, " If you want to know what Islam is, just look at the Quran and Sunnah, don't look at the Muslims". That's not the way of our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

Merely sharing what little I know and 2 cents worth of thoughts.

Wallahu'alam. Allah knows best.

5 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

ilyani 12/5/10 12:46 AM  

hm. thanks for sharing.
biar kan aje la kdg2 org yg mengutuk tu taktau pun what they're talking about.. in the end just showing their own ignorance.

btw ada 3 ads baru di sini :) hehe.

aritu cashout dah dpt tak?

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 12/5/10 12:56 AM  

betul2 hehe

thanks :) belummm..pending je lagi :( ily da cashout ke?

jom pegi youth festivaL?

Aidi-Safuan 12/5/10 2:29 AM  

pegi youth festival tak nak ajak aku.sedih tol la rina. baru ingat nak ajak pegi gala nite keep slim new ambassador 2010. sob2...

ilyani 12/5/10 8:52 AM  

youth festival dpt duit tak? ehhe :P (mata duitan betul..) sbb tgh sengkek lar, takleh nak gi kl slalu. 22nd ni gi wordpress conference.. yg tu habiskan duit, bukan dpt. haish.

saya cashout akhir april aritu, pending jgk.

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 12/5/10 9:18 PM  

aidi : bile aku xajak ni. ajak kottt. nk pegi gala nite wehhh :P

ily :tak dapat, tapi ade care nak dapat. cube pegi link kt fb die hehehe

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