Saturday, May 15, 2010

We won Bronze place !

Although we didn't got Gold or Silver medal, but we really thankful especially Dr. Yasmin as we don't expect anything from the competition.
Moreover, this is Dr. Yasmin first participation in ITEX.

Naza and I were very satisfied when we see the smile in our favorite all time boss hehe

Hope, when she participate again in this competition, she will win the Gold price because I know that she deserve it =)

Ta Daaa~

more picture will be displayed in the next post!


2 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

Aidi-Safuan 16/5/10 12:10 AM  

owh, ade competition ke? kategori ape tuh?

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ 16/5/10 3:41 PM  

electric and elctronics ctegory hehe

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