Monday, June 21, 2010

Giveaway dapat popup card!

Sebab rina menang giveaway by Aida
rina pon jadi semangat nak join giveaway orang lain hehehe

LIN HANDMADE GREETING CARDS ada buat giveaway untuk follower dia.

Lin ni memang sukaaa buat kad.
semua tentang arts and crafts di blog dia

She says ;
I love arts and crafts of any kind. But designing handmade cards is what I love most doing and have ventured into other types of crafts too. I love to read and do research on the hungry for knowledge and do my best to get new knowledge on subjects that are dear to my heart. I am game at trying new things. Learning to live my life to the is short! :)

So Giveaway pon dapat kad yey!

ada 6 keping kad ok!
semua jenis flower theme pop-up card.
bak kata Lin;

As you all know, recently I made a poll at my blog to find out and also to help me decide on what type of theme that you would like to win for this month's blog giveaway. As the poll ended, it shows that the most wanted or most desired card by my lovely readers is the flower theme card!!! It's a clear winner!! So, this really helps me decide what card I should be making and giving away to you! Yup! I prefer to give something that you would love to have rather than give away something to you just for the sake of giving. :)

Baikkan dia hehe
so apa lagi, jom join!

click here to join

0 footprints here! Thanks! (◕‿◕):

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